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 NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out

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NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out Empty
PostNFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out

Quote :
Need for Speed Shift Patch 2 plus DLC ready for download

The next patch for Need for Speed: Shift has been released for download. The update to version 1.02 fixes several bugs and improvements.
Need for Speed: Shift - Patch 1.02 and DLC available

EA has released a new patch for Need for Speed: Shift. The update to version 1.02 is now available for PC (and Xbox 360), too. But for the PC edition EA warns to apply the patch to the Steam version of Shift, because errors might be possible it is rather recommended to use the automatic update option of the Steam client. Besides that the publisher also recommends to apply the patch to a "clean” installation of the racing game only - community mods for example should be uninstalled in advance.

Attention: From now on the Online Mode in the PC version in Need for Speed: Shift works with the new patch applied only. EA was forced to take this step because there had been too many cheat tools been used on the PC.

With Patch 1.02 five new cars (Toyota Supra Mk IV, 1967 Shelby GT500, 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray, 1969 Dodge Charger R/T and the 1971 Dodge Challenger R/T) are integrated into Need for Speed: Shift. Furthermore there is a new game mode called Team Racing and the maximal number of players per race has been increased from 8 to 12.

You can download patch 1.02 from the official Need for Speed website. There are two versions of the patch available for the North American version of Nfs: Shift and All Other Languages.

Below you can find all the changes applied with the update as they are listed in the EA Forum:

- General game stability and performance improvements
- Improved car handling
- Fix for issue where some cars would bounce on their suspension during high load situations
- Fix for grass sometimes being displayed out of position
- Fix for intermittent incorrect driver duel results
- Fix for inverted balance slider operation
- Fix for online wins and losses occasionally being calculated incorrectly for drift races
- Fixed issue where loaned career car would inherit the player's career car tuning settings
- Fixed various usability issues with the advanced tuning screens
- Fixed lap timing for first lap of rolling start events
- Fixed car tuning settings sometimes not taking effect
- Fix to prevent rewinding past the start of instant replays
- Fixed car livery occasionally appearing all white during driver duel events
- Fixed incorrect screens being shown when player is disqualified
- Fix for occasional invisible opponents appearing during online drift events
- Fix for intermittent hang when skipping quickly through post-race screens
- Fix for intermittent hang when pressing X repeatedly in My Cars screen
- Fix for missing race groove on point-to-point tracks
- Prevented car livery resetting to default after an online race
- Fix for advanced tuning not staying unlocked on reload
- Fixed invitational event cars getting their setups corrupted and becoming
undrivable (e.g. Veryon and Carrera GT)
- Fix for Lamborghini's having a low top speed when upgraded
- Fix for Corvette Z06 and Dodge Viper not able to move at the start of some events
- Fix for some upgraded AI cars bottoming out causing some instability over bumps
- Fix upgrade menu bug
- Fix for a force feedback strength settings save bug
- Fix multi-player settings for AI opponents and drift mode
- Fix for vinyls being incorrectly applied on rear wing
- Fix for a hang in lobby when accessing friend's list from car select
- Fix for profile load bug which skips save select menu when holding down Enter key
- Fix for jumping body parts when car resets

- Improved ATi graphics card support
- Improved dynamic vertex buffer usage (performance optimization on all PCs)
- Fixed crashes on certain PC configurations when changing shadow settings
- Fixed intermittent crash during first lap of races on certain PC configurations
- Disabled forced dampening for custom wheel presets on PC
- Optimized multi-GPU PC operation
- Fix for intermittent missing surface sounds on certain PC configurations
- Fix for intermittent black skies
- Fix for LAN menu hang for client when host quickly returns to main menu

NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out Arsigmanic3

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NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out :: Comments

Re: NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out
Post on Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:21 pm by Alexc12fr
I've already downloaded it, but I need to reinstall because my Shift is unpacked.
Re: NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out
Post on Thu Dec 03, 2009 1:36 pm by NAMETYR
GREAT! Finally! I can't wait for it to finish downloading! (18%... 22%...)

NFS: Shift Patch #2 with Team Racing Pack is out

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